What does it mean to be a maremma?

Hi World

As I was sitting on the lawn, having a nice chew at the nicely decomposing bone I had retrieved from the compost pile, I started thinking about what it is to be a maremma.  BTW the compost pile is a very good place to bury bones.  It keeps my bones safe from those maundering chickens and gives them time to ferment.  A word to fellow maremmas: it is not a good idea to try and take a ripe old bone inside to have a chomp on at one’s bed.  When I did it my Daddy yelled at me and said I was a bad dog and threw my bone outside.  I am not a bad dog!!

Anyway, back to my thought.  What does it mean to be a maremma?   We are a very old breed from the Italian Alps and our main job is to protect sheep.  Unfortunately I don’t have a large flock of sheep of my own, but I do have my human flock to protect. I have to bark to warn potential threats that I am here and patrol my property keeping an eye on whoever may be around.  I like to bark at the sky, the moon, the birds, the builders next door.  Sometimes, I bark just because I can. I can be heard all over the Mangamahu  valley.  I bark because people drive past our home and do not stop to admire me.  They thoughtlessly continue to drive past.  I have to bark to tell them I am here waiting for their attention.

More about me tomorrow. Love Jasper the wonder dog.


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