How I like to help

I am a helpful dog. I like to assist my mummy in the garden. I like to dig. It is fun, but my mummy doesn’t think so. She tells me off when I dig her garden and lawn. Says I am a naughty dog and says things like “get out of my way, you great furry lump”. I do not think she is being nice to me. Why is that? I am very good at digging holes in the lawn and charging through her rose beds. My mummy says I run through her garden beds with all the finesse of a two-ton truck. But I have to run around the garden to protect my herd from threats they are not aware of. Sometimes people come to visit. I am very good. I bark at some visitors. I used to bark a lot at my aunty but I am now used to her, except for when she brings strange objects called skis to the house. They look dangerous so I bark at them to go away. I didn’t like the plumber either. I barked so much at him that my aunty had to lock me in the bathroom. That was very mean of her. No one could hear my barking or admire my dedication to protecting my herd. When the electrician came to fix the meter board he looked at me and asked my mummy to tie up the polar bear. I do not look like a polar bear!!!

Love Jasper

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