When I was a little puppy

When I was a cute little white fluffy puppy I liked to chew things. Anything, but I was particularly fond of soft chewy paper. One day the back door was left open and I ran inside and found on the coffee table a nice chewy soft book. I grabbed it and ran outside to my special play ground to have nice chomp. Soon there were bits of white paper all over the lawn. It looked like it was snowing. I was happily chomping this book when my Mummy came outside. She had seen me through the French doors and she started yelling at me. Said I was a naughty dog!!! How can that be? I didn’t know that this nice chewy book was my human sister Francesca’s homework book. I can’t read. My Mummy had to ring up Francesca’s teacher and tell him that the dog did really eat her homework.

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