New Zealand’s next tux dog of the year

My Mummy is entering me in the “Is your dog New Zealand’s next Tux dog?” competition. She says I am bound to win because I am such a handsome, intelligent and adorable dog. But, there are some detractors. My Daddy says that I will not win because I do not do what I am told. Also, he thinks that one of the prerequisites is not to have a desire to tear the camera crew limb-from-limb. This is unfair. I do what I think is right. This is what I have been bred to do. I am bred to protect flocks and be aloof and wary of strangers. We, maremmas as a breed are not known for our submissive attitude to humans. Some people think we are somewhat stubborn and strong willed. This is not right. I take my role as a protector of everything very seriously indeed. I am distrustful of anything I see as a threat; be that the meter man, my Aunt’s skis, or the bread maker. I do not like the bread maker. It makes loud noises and that concerns me. Because we maremma are so cute when we are puppies, people get us and then realize that we are independent dogs with a tendency to bark which disturbs neighbours. In fact the Maremma Sheepdog Association of American state that the maremma is not recommended for use as a pet. So, if you are thinking of getting a maremma give it careful consideration. After all you will have a dog like me for long time. See you soon. It is time for my mid morning nap and then I might indulge in some early afternoon barking. Love Jasper, a maremma from New Zealand.

As you can see from my photo how I was such a cute puppy!!!

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