Sharing the araha

I like to share the aroha with the chickens but my Mummy says I can’t. She says I can’t share the love with the rabbits Bella and Quincy either. I do not think this is fair. I like to put my big furry head in the rabbits’ cage, but Bella and Quincy do not like me. They run away and hide from me. I wonder why? I think the rabbits are silly creatures, they do not do anything but sit and eat. My Daddy says they would be kept nice and warm in a pot on the stove with some onions, carrots and herbs. But my Mummy will not let him do that. She seems to like the rabbits. I cannot see why. The chickens do not like me either because I try to kiss them on the back of the neck. But the cows like me. I run around and bark at them, and then they chase me. My Daddy says I have to be careful because the cows could hurt me. I cannot see that. No one would want to hurt me. I am a maremma. The cows are my friends. We have four cows – Bubba, Forest, Oscar and Maisie. We have some sheep also. When I was a little cute puppy, I met a sheep. I did not like it. It jumped over me and traumatized me so much that I ran away. So much for being bred to guard sheep. I met a pig once. Pigs are funny creatures. I was not too sure about it. Sometimes, I find a hedgehog. I have to bark at it and let my family know that there is a hedgehog in a bush. My family does not appreciate my warning them of this potential danger. They tell me I am being silly and leave the hedgehog alone. Sometimes, at night I bark at the possums to let my family know that there is danger in the trees. My Daddy comes out with a torch and shines it up the big magnolia tree to see what I am barking at. He tells me I am being silly and to stop barking, but I do not. I have to let the possum know that I am watching out for him and he should be warned that I am there.

 Off I go for my early morning nap. Love Jasper the wonder dog from sunny Mangamahu, New Zealand

Thought you would like to see more photos of ME. (and those silly rabbits)

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