My Family Part 1

If you have been paying attention good reader, you would have learnt by now that I am a handsome, wonderful, intelligent, modest and good dog. What about my family? I know about a thing called privacy, but as a dog I don’t have any privacy. But my family does so I will not name them. Suffice to say they have had the good fortune to have me in their lives. In fact my Daddy said he could not imagine his life without Me. I have been with my family since I was a little puppy. When I first arrived I was so small I struggled to get up the steps of the deck. My family found me on Trade-me. My Mummy said she wanted a Yorkshire terrier and what did we end up with? A great furry lump!! Surely you jest Mummy. When I was a little puppy my Mummy stayed home with me, so I spent a lot of time with her. Now, when my Mummy is outside in the garden it is my job to be with her. This is OK, but sometimes when it is hot I wish she would stay inside. I do not like the heat. I wish she would stay in one place long enough for me to have a little snooze. But oh no, she has to move around the garden doing things, like digging. However, when I partake in a little digging of my own I get told off. Life is not fair when you are a diggy-dog.

More about my family later it: is time for my afternoon nap and then I will have to go and patrol my patch.

Me as a little puppy

See how little I was!!!

ME waiting at the gate for my Mummy

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