More about my family

My Daddy commutes to Wellington every couple of weeks.  It is exciting when he comes home and sees me! (and my Mummy of course)  My Daddy always wanted to get a dog, but when we were living in the city; my mummy did not want a dog. When they moved to sunny Mangamahu the first thing they did was get a wonderful, clever maremma called Jasper.  My daddy wanted to call me Caesar.  What a silly name, it would have not suited me at all.  His mummy came from Italy and he liked the idea of having an Italian dog.  My Daddy likes to chase me around with things.  I do not like being chased with the ukulele.  It makes a strange noise.  He chases me with the car keys.  I do not like the car keys.  When my Daddy is home he works at the kitchen table.  I like this because he stays in one place thus enabling me to have a proper nap.  Unlike my Mummy who is always busy doing things in the garden.  Once my Daddy caught be giving a chicken some aroha (‘love’).  He was mowing the lawns and I thought I could chase the chickens. I had a chicken in my mouth and I was running around the lawn.  He saw me and I saw that he saw me.  He got off the ride-on mower and I dropped the chicken (which ran away I might add) and I went and hid behind the curtains in the kitchen. My daddy said that was a silly place to hide.  Imagine a 50 kg dog hiding behind a curtain.  Needless to say I got a very serve telling off.  I do not like chickens – they get me in trouble.  Got to go now and indulge in a little moon barking.  Good for one’s doggy soul.  Love ME!!  Aka Jasper the wonder dog from Oeta in the  sunny Mangamahu valley, New Zealand.

ME coming through the gate

Our house is called Oeta

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