More about my family

Loyal readers will know I have a human Mummy and Daddy. I also have a human Brother and Sister. I did a blog about chewing my sister’s home work one day. I like to play with my human siblings. It is fun. They throw my toys around the lawn and I pick them up and race around with them in my mouth. As I said in my Tux dog application (which by the way is in the mail) I do not fetch. That is for silly well-trained dogs. If my family want to throw my toys around the lawn do not expect Me to return them. That is their problem. Don’t tell my Daddy, but my Brother sometimes let Me leap onto his bed where it is nice and soft and warm for Me to have a snooze. My siblings sometimes give Me little snacks. My sister once made my mummy buy a box of Scobbie-Doo snacks because she was convinced that if I was fed them I would become more like Scobbie-Doo. I do not know of this Scobbie-Doo dog, but I am sure he is handsome and intelligent like Me. My Aunty comes to visit me sometimes. Once she arrived and I did not hear her. It was only when she came into the kitchen and woke Me up that I started to bark. I felt a little silly when I discovered it was her and not some intruder. My Aunty and Daddy laughed at Me. I do not like being laughed at.

Off I go and check out what the builders are doing next door. It is right and proper that they know I am watching them. Lover Jasper the maremma dog from sunny Mangamahu.

Me helping with the laundry

Me running around my play paddock

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