My Social Life!!

I do not go out very often because I get car sick and my family don’t like cleaning up doggy vomit off the seats of the station wagon. I do not like the car. I do not like getting in the car. When I went to the vet last year (for my little doggy operation to make sure there are not lots of little half-maremma puppies running around the Mangamahu valley) I would not get in car, but my Mummy was clever – she put some dog biscuits in the car and my stomach won over my head. I went to a wedding in February. I was the most handsome dog there. Much better looking that that portly terrier that was in the wedding party. People stopped and admired ME, as they should. I did not bark and was beautifully behaved. My Mummy tied a red ribbon around my neck. My Mummy said I should get out more, so one day we went to the beach. It was fun. I got to run around sniffing all kinds of interesting smells. I do not like water. It is cold and wet. My family have a swimming pool. I do not like it. It is an abomination against nature to go into water. When they are in the pool, I have to bark and warn them they are in danger. But they take no notice of ME. Why is that? I am protecting my family. Sometimes my Daddy will splash me. I do not like that.

Time to go off and see my friends the cows. More about ME tomorrow. Love Jasper the wonder dog from sunny Mangamahu.

PS I am registered on Google. I do not know what a google is but my Mummy says it will help people all over the world find my blog and read about ME!!!!

ME protecting my home

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