A day in the life of a Maremma

A day in the life of ME!!

Dear loyal reader. Today is the closing date for entries for NZ Tux dog. Wish ME!! luck.

I thought you loyal readers would be interested in reading about what I do each day. It will give you a better understanding of ME!!

4 – 5 am. I indulge in a little moon barking (that means barking at the moon regardless of actually being able to see it) , just to focus my mind on the coming day’s activities. Sometimes this wakes my family up and they tell me off. I do not understand why.

5 – 6 am. I have a rest after my moon barking. I do not use a kennel. As a maremma I need to have a 360 degree view of my surroundings to see any potential threats looming. I need to watch all entrances to my property. I like to sit on the corner of the deck to do this. It is also close to the doors to the kitchen so I can see who is coming and going.

6 – 7 am. This is the time my Mummy gets up and gives me my breakfast. Sometimes I do not eat my breakfast, but when those maundering chickens are let out my attention is often focused on my uneaten breakfast. I do not like those chickens eating my food. My mummy goes out in the garden to get some food for them rabbits. I have to accompany her.

7 – 8 am. Time for my early morning nap. My Mummy likes to check her emails and see if anyone has read my blog. My Daddy sometimes comes out and plays with me.

8 – 9 am. Time for morning patrol. I go around my property and make sure everything is as it should be. I like to run around the tennis court and see the cows. I am trying to get into the chicken run, so I might stop off there and have a little dig to try and get under the wire fencing. So far I have been unsuccessful, but time is on my side.

9 – 10 am. Time for my mid morning nap. If, my Daddy is home I like to rest under the kitchen table. My Daddy says I take up too much room and he cannot get his legs under the table, but it is comfortable there so that is where I sleep.

10 – 11 am. If my Mummy is out in the garden, I have to supervise her. She says that if she got rid of ME!! (heaven forbid), the rabbits, and the chickens and spent a vast amount of money and took six months off work, she too could have a garden like those she sees in those gardening magazines. Those chickens are out so I have to keep an eye on them.

11 – 12 pm Time for a play with my Brother. It is fun to run around the lawn. My Daddy says my play lawn is bigger than their section when they lived in the city. Imagine living is such a small area. It would be no good for ME!! to live in the city. I might have time to fit in another patrol before having my early afternoon nap.

12 – 1 pm After my early afternoon nap, I accompany my Daddy out to inspect the paddock to see the sheep and cows. My Daddy wants to get a pig. Why I do not know; pigs are strange creatures. My Mummy says we can get a pig, if we get a house cow. Her uncle says he will build my Mummy a portable milking machine plant.

More about my exciting life tomorrow. Off to sit underneath the rabbit cage and have a rest. Love Jasper the next tux wonder dog from sunny Mangamahu.

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