School holidays

Hello World.

I like school holidays because my siblings are home and they have their friends to stay. I like their friends. They admire ME!! and pat ME!! and let ME!! join in their games. My Mummy says I think I am really one of the kids, such is my desire to fit in with them. They play spotlight at night. It is fun. I go around and find everyone. I am very good at it, but the kids say I spoil their fun because no one is able to hide from ME!! They say I stand out at night because of my bright white fur. Sometimes, the kids play touch rugby on the grass tennis court. It is fun, but it tires ME!! out and I have to rest and have a big drink of water. I get very concerned if they play in the swimming pool. I do not like water and I do not like the children to be in the water. It is a danger and I have to warn everyone of the danger. I do this by running up and down the side of the pool barking. But no one take any notice of ME!!. Sometimes the kids try to stay up all night. I do not like this because I need my rest. I am sad when the children leave, but there is always the next holidays. Soon I shall hear from the Tux people about my application to be New Zealand’s Next Tux dog. Paws crossed.

See this is a photo of ME!! Playing in the leaves after running around with the children.

Don't I look cute

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