Another ME!!

Since I arrived with my family my Mummy has wanted another one of ME!!. She says I need to have a friend. Some one for ME!! to play with and share my toys with. I am not too sure about having a friend. Imagine another ME!! dropping white fur all over the carpet and walking inside with my muddy paws. My mummy keeps throwing my toys on the roof and my daddy has to get the ladder out and climb up on the rood to retrieve them. I have found a really good game to play with my mummy. I wait until Mummy is settled nicely on the couch watching TV and then bring in my red cricket ball and drop in underneath the couch and look pathetic and try to receive cricket ball, so Mummy has to get up, moves the coffee table, move the couch, look underneath the couch and discover revolting food items that the my brother and sister have left there. She finds the ball, throws the ball outside, puts the furniture back, sits down and then I come back in again with the cricket ball and drops in on the floor and pats it underneath another couch. This game stops when my Mummy shuts the door, so I can not come inside, so I sat outside the frenchdoors and looked sad. My brother wants to get a boarder collie, but my daddy did not think that was a good idea. He says boarder collies are really bright dog and it might teach me bad tricks. I do not think so. I can think all by myself. I am very cleaver. I can find eggs the chickens lay in the garden. I can see lots of danger that I have to bark and warn my family about. My mummy and daddy are still discussing about getting another ME!!. The tux people have not rung. I do not understand why not. Better go now and patrol my patch. I might visit the chicken run. Love Jasper the wonder dog from Mangamahu

Who is the handsome dog!!

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