What I did at Easter

I had such a busy Easter, running around helping everyone. I had to help my mummy in the garden. She was very busy pulling out some plants growing underneath one of the large chestnut trees by the driveway. She didn’t even tell me off like she normally does when I indulged in a little digging of my own. My human sister and brother had friends over and we had a big bonfire in the front paddock. It was so exciting because my family let off some fireworks. I was such a beautifully behaved dog. I didn’t bark when the fireworks started. I sat down very quietly and watched everything that was going on. I was so busy being with the children on Saturday afternoon that I forgot to go and help my mummy in the house garden when she was cleaning out the chicken’s water bowls. In fact I overhead my mummy saying to my daddy how much easier it is to do anything without a large furry lump helping her. I don’t know who she was referring to. My aunty was staying and she did lots of cooking. I helped her by cleaning up all the scraps. I am very good at licking up the kitchen left-overs. Sometimes, if I am very good, I get some special treats like bacon. But she made sure I didn’t get any chocolate eggs as they are poisonous to dogs. They don’t look good anyway, real eggs are much nicer. My daddy says I am getting bigger and now that winter is coming my coat is getting thicker. My mummy had to measure me for my Tux wonder dog application and I am 75 cm tall at the shoulder. My daddy thinks I weigh about 50 kgs. I am such a little dog! Better go now and see what the children are up to. Love Jasper the wonderful moondog from the sunny Mangamahu valley, Wanganui, New Zealand

ME!! running around my play lawn

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