My friends the cows

The cows are my friends. We have four cows. The two big cows are called Forest and Bubba. My daddy says Bubba will make a good Bubb-a-que. Very bad joke Daddy. The two little cows are called Oscar and Maise. Maise is a girl cow and one day we might have a baby cow. I like to play games with the cows. They like to play with ME!!. My mummy says our games look very complicated. They involve ME!! and Bubba and Forest chasing each other up and down the fence line and rubbing noses. My mummy and daddy give the cows treats like grapefruit and apples. The cows come running across the paddock when they see the wheelbarrow full of fruit. I am very good and do not chase the cows because they are much bigger than ME!! and I do not want to get hurt. I was allowed in the paddock where the sheep were when mummy and daddy when over to feed the cows some fruit. The sheep came over to see what we were doing and I was very naughty and started chasing them. But roles were reversed and the sheep turned around and started chasing ME!!! My mummy said it was so funny, she wished she had a camera. How embarrassing for ME!! to be chased by those silly sheep. ME!! an intelligent, loyal, wonderful maremma. Off I go in patrol my patch. Love Jasper the wonder dog from Oeta, in the sunny Mangamahu valley, Wanganui.

Me running away from the cows

ME!! Forest and Bubba

ME!! and Bubba. Isn't he a big cow

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