Tux next dog competition

I am sad.  Very sad.  My mummy has broken the bad news that I was not selected to be a finalist in New Zealand’s next Tux dog competition.   How can that be?  Am I not the most handsome, intelligent, and loving dog?  Well, maybe not so loving towards people and things I perceive as being a threat.   I think the problem of why I was not selected may lie with the questions asked on the application form – “Rate my basic obedience out of five.  Five being I can follow commands, can fetch etc”. Well, ask yourself fellow maremmas.  Do we follow commands? Of course not.  What a silly question.  We, maremmas will only follow a command if we think it is right and proper for us to do so.  We are a thinking breed and have been bred to think for ourselves when we are out in the Italian Alps guarding our flocks.  Then Tux asked if I travel well in a car.  As loyal readers will know in my blog about my social life, I get car sick.  Another question was “what is your best feature or quality?”.  Well, that is obvious.  My best feature is my ability to bark and anything and everything.  I have to bark.  It is right and proper for me to do so.  I have to warn my flock, or in this case my family, of any dangers or potential dangers and danger is out there, believe ME!!  In fact, this morning I had to warn the entire valley at 4.45am that there was danger lurking.  The Tux application also asked if I can do any tricks.  Well we know the answer to that: no, of course not – tricks are for silly mindless creatures.  Well, off I go.  I might go and visit the chicken run and makes some more progress on my attempt to dig under the fence into the run.  Love Jasper, who is not going to be the next Tux wonder dog of the year.  L

ME!! having a rest on the drive.
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