ME!! The Naughty Dog

ME!! Checking out what is happening next door.

ME!! Being cute


Sometimes I am a naughty dog, especially when no one is paying any attention to ME!! Yesterday my mummy went out and left me alone at home and when she came back I was such a naughty dog. She told me to sit on my bed but I didn’t want to. I wanted to sit on the carpet. Then I wanted to go outside and then I wanted to come inside. My mummy was getting very annoyed with me. Serves her right for leaving me home alone. I did not like it. Maremmas are known to be stubborn and strong willed. I do not like being ignored as afterall, fellow maremmas are we not all the most handsome, intelligent wonderful breed there is in the whole world? On Saturday night I was being very naughty and was trying to chew a pair of socks, but my mummy took them away from me. So, I went and got a tea-towel and started chewing on that. Boy did I get told off. Then my family decided to ignore me, so I decided to do my cute pose of lying on my back and looking adorable. It always works and my family always says how cute I look. My mummy says she is getting very good at removing items from my mouth. Sometimes she tricks me by pretending to throw food outside and expecting me to run outside and eat it. But I am getting wise to that trick. Off I go and do some guarding. I might go and see my friends the cows. Love Jasper the wonder dog from the sunny Mangamahu valley.

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