I See Danger

ME!! Aren't I just so adorable

I see danger everywhere and I have to warn my family and the whole valley that there is danger out there. Historically, the job of the maremma dog has been that of a livestock protector. I have to protect my family and I do that by barking. I am good at barking. By barking I am letting the world know that I am here and that I am watching them. Maremmas love protecting things and we take this very seriously indeed. We are very distrustful of anything we see as a threat. My family has lots of things I see as a threat – umbrellas, the bread maker, car keys, and my aunt’s skis. All these things could be a potential threat to my family. Sometimes I indulge in a little barking competition with those three dogs from next door and another dog further up the valley. We like to do our barking early in the morning. My family calls it my moon barking. I bark when strange people come onto my property. I am very wary of strangers and I have to let them know that I am watching them. My daddy says I frighten the meter man when he comes. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if he was not scared of me! I am very good when people come and visit and they know my name. If, visitors say “Hello Jasper” I am pleased. If, they know my name I must be a famous dog and they must be my friends. All this talk of barking makes me want to indulge in some. Off I go and do some. I might go and bark at the builders working at the cottage next door and let them know I am watching them. Love Jasper the wonder dog from sunny Mangamahu valley.

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