Being a Woofy dog.

ME!! having a rest after all my woofing

Yesterday I was such a woofy dog. There was so much activity happening in the Mangamahu valley for me to monitor. First, our cattle were being tested for TB over by the woolshed. And then the builders were working at the cottage next door. Farmer Rae was moving his cattle with his dogs and Farmer Austin was harvesting maize to make silage. I didn’t know whether I was Arthur or Martha. I didn’t know where to run to and bark first. My Daddy was telling my Mummy that I spent the morning running from one end of the property to the other, woofing. Then to add to the mix, the police helicopter was flying overhead with a man with a camera leading out taking photos of the valley. I don’t know why the police would go to such trouble to take a photo of Me!! My Daddy says they are looking for suspicious horticultural activities in the valley. Also flying over were top-dressing planes. All in all, such a busy day for me. Daddy was talking to Farmer Rae and they were ignoring me so I jumped up against the back gate from the tennis court, opened it and came and joined them. I do not like it when I am not the centre of attention. All this talk of activity is making me feel like I need a little rest. Off I go and have a snooze under the kitchen table. Love Jasper the wonder maremma from sunny Mangamahu valley in New Zealand.

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One Response to Being a Woofy dog.

  1. Carol says:

    What a fantastic dog you are Jasper. We live on a farm and there are five of us. Sharna, Sophie (who has ten pups) Isabella, Itai and ‘the Stud’ Sparticus. We love to bark too, especially if cyclists come past the house. It is fun playing with all my friends, but sometime we all just blob out on the deck, especially when our Mum has gone inside for a rest.

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