Tux Dog

ME!! Following my Mummy through the gate

Me!! Very interested in what is happening inside

My Mummy was telling me that a local dog has made the top 10 finalists for the next tux dog competition. I am sad it is not ME!! but I wish them well and I hope loyal readers you will vote for them. My Mummy has found out that a TV programme called Country Calendar is interested in producing an episode about Maremmas. I hope that they will give ME!! a call. I can show them all about how well a maremma can behave. While just this morning I was out with my mummy getting some leaves for those silly rabbits to eat and I was playing with my friends the cows. Anyway my mummy had finished picking some rabbit food and called me to come back through the gate, back to the house. But no I had to think about this and I decided I wanted to stay with my friends the cows. People who live with maremmas say that they have cloth ears – they only listen to what they want to. Well, I was doing that this morning. So, my mummy said right if you don’t want to come with me I will leave you there. She shut the gate and walked off. I was not worried because I knew she would be back and sure enough she was.

Do you like the photo? My Mummy took it on Sunday. I am very busy watching my Daddy through the French doors. He is cutting up a sheep on the kitchen table. Hopefully he might give me a bone 

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