My Favourite Toys

ME!! Asleep after playing with my rugby ball.

I love playing with my rugby ball. I like to carry it around in my mouth. I like to chase my rugby ball when my daddy kicks it across the lawn. I have lots of toys but I keep on loosing them. My mummy finds them in the strangest of places in the garden. My favourite toy is an old gumboot. I like to hold it in my mouth and shake it around when I am running around the lawn. I have lots of chew toys as well. My family brought them in an attempt to stop me chewing any and everything I could find. Now, that I am getting older I do chew things so much. But if I can find a sock I love to have a little munch on that. If, my mummy sees me with a sock she tells me off and says I am a bad dog. How can that be? I am a good maremma dog as loyal readers will know. In my blog about getting another ME!! I spoke of playing a game with my cricket ball. I like playing with my red cricket ball, but I do not fetch. Fetch is for silly dogs, not for wonderful maremmas like ME!!

The new ME!! called Nellie has arrived yesterday. I was so good and didn’t bark or growl. She is very shy and it will take her a few days to settle in. My mummy will take some photos soon.

Love Jasper the wonderful maremma from Mangamahu.

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