Nellie is here!!

Nellie in a paddock


Greetings fellow maremmas. I am so excited because Nellie has come into my family. As I have said, she is so beautiful and I have been on my best diggy-dog behaviour. She arrived late on Sunday afternoon. I was so excited that I broke my heavy duty dog cable in anticipation of having a new friend. It snapped completely in half. I really do not know my own strength. Nellie is very shy but she is slowly getting used to us. My daddy is taking her for walks around the garden so she can get used her new home. Last night Nellie was sitting under the kitchen table. Now, that is my place to sit when my family are eating. I live in hope that a tasty morsel might drop from the table. So far I have been disappointed. There is not enough room under the kitchen table for me and Nellie, so I kindly went and sat on my bed instead. I like to follow Nellie around. I really want to play but Nellie is still a little uncertain. My mummy says that once she gets more confident around me she will want to play and frolic with me – I do hope so, I am desperate for a doggy friend. Well off I go and follow Nellie around the garden. Love Jasper the wonder maremma from sunny Mangamahu valley.

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