The chicken run incident

ME!! resting under the kitche table

Loyal readers will know that I am attempting to dig into the chicken run. Well, on Sunday I was successful. My Daddy had made lots of asparagus rolls to take to a morning tea on Sunday morning. My mummy was feeding all the bread crusts to those pesky chickens. I did not think that the chickens deserved to eat all that yummy bread, so I managed to squeeze under the wire of the chicken run; such was my desire to get to eat all that yummy bread. Imagine a 50 kg dog wiggling under the wire. Anyway I got into part of the chicken run. Meanwhile my mummy’s back was turned while she was feeding the chickens. Imagine her surprise when she turned around and there was ME!! She called my daddy who came out and gave me a severe telling off. It is not my fault the chickens are fed food I want. Off I go and follow Nellie around. Love Jasper the wonder dog from Oeta, in the sunny Mangamahu valley.

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3 Responses to The chicken run incident

  1. Carol says:

    So good that your have a friend to play with now. Hope she gets used to you soon. There are five of us at Balaganfarm and we have a great time playing with each other. Love reading about you and what you are doing. From Sharna, Sophie, Sparticus, Issy and Itai and of course the the ten puppies.

  2. But mum should be glad it’s just the chicken food and eggs and not the chickens. Hmm I feel like chicken tonight! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    I like surprises and I love bread so that sounds like perfection to me! Way to go Jasper.

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