Planking Maremmas

Looking a little grubby

ME!! and Neillie

Greetings loyal readers. Nellie and I had a nice quiet weekend just hanging out with family and friends. My human sister’s friends all arrived on Friday night. We were so excited that Nellie and I were leaping around outside and in the process got very muddy which meant our Daddy wouldn’t let us inside. He said we were smelly and muddy. How can this be? We are nice white clean maremmas. My sister and her friends went out to the paddocks and did something called planking. Nellie and I do not know what this planking is, but it didn’t look very interesting as there was no food involved. My family tells me planking is lying down on an object as flat as you can get. Nellie and I plank all the time. We plank on the deck, we plank on the kitchen floor, we plank on the carpet, and I would plank on a nice warm bed if I was allowed. Sorry for not writing for a while but we have been so busy chasing each other around the section. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two wonderful maremmas from sunny Mangamahu.

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