The Big adventure

On Saturday morning Nellie and I thought we would go for a little walk to see what was over in the neighbour’s field.  Nellie is smaller than me and managed to wriggle through the fence. Somehow I managed to follow her.  So, off we went and had a wonderful romp and sniffed all the new and interesting smells in the neighbour’s paddock.  Now my Mummy and Daddy were getting very suspicious as they had not seen me and Nellie for a while and were wondering where we were.  Imagine my Mummy’s surprise when looking out the kitchen window she saw in the distant paddock a wavering, white maremma tail. She called our Daddy who came over to the fence and yelled at us.  Something about being a bad maremma and we had better get home NOW if we knew what was good for us.  Unfortunately, I could not wriggle back under the hole in the fence.  I must have got bigger since I went into the paddock. I do not understand why this happened.  Anyway our Daddy had to come and open the gate.  Boy did we get a telling off and Daddy spent the afternoon repairing the fence so we could not wriggle our way through there again. 

 Well off we go and have a little patrol of the fence line.  We might find another hole in the fence to wiggle through.  Here’s hoping.  Love Jasper and Nellie the wonderful maremma’s from sunny Mangamahu

 PS: It has been decided who will be the next tux wonder dog and while I am sad it is not going to be me, I am happy the title has gone to a local dog.


Two maremmas looking the picture of innocence


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