The Cows got out

ME!! as a little puppy

My mummy was telling us of her surprise this morning when she discovered all of our stock were out on the road. Somehow the one heifer, three steers and five sheep had decided to escape. She said she was very concerned about how she would get them all back into a paddock but thankfully the neighbours across the road were leaving for work at the same time and they were able to help mummy get the animals into one of the front paddocks. Thank goodness for good neighbours. Nellie and I are good neighbourhood dogs. We like to bark; warning our neighbours that there could be potential threats around in the neighbourhood. We particularly like to do this at 3 am in the morning. It keeps the neighbours on their toes. All this talk of barking makes us want to indulge in some. Off we go the two best maremmas in the land. Love Jasper and Nellie

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