Another Tux Competition


Nellie and ME having a rest on the carpet.

Our mummy has entered us in another Tux competition. This time it is to win a year’s supply of Tux dog biscuits. Our daddy thinks we have a better chance of winning this competition than I would have had winning the Next Tux Wonder Dog competition. My mummy has heard that some people in Auckland are looking for a wonderful dog to play Toto in a production of the Wizard of Oz. She thinks Nellie and I would be wonderful stage dogs, however my daddy and aunt are detractors and think that our inability to hear commands might hinder any chance of a theatrical career. We demonstrate our maremma ability to be “cloth eared dogs” every time we come inside the house. Our mummy or daddy always tell us to go to our beds and sit down and be good maremmas, however we ignore them and make a bee line for the kitchen where we are hoping that there will be some tasty morsel waiting for us to eat. So far, Nellie and I have been disappointed but it doesn’t stop us from trying. My nose is just the right height to conduct a good sniff of the bench and stove. Nellie has learnt that putting her two front paws on the bench she is able to reach tasty morsels pushed to the back of the bench. She is such a clever girl. However, she does not share any of the findings with me. This makes me sad. All this talk of food is making me hungry. It is such a long time to dinner. Lover Jasper and Nellie, two the best maremmas in the world.

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