Who do we bark at?

Asleep after a hard day barking

Loyal readers may have noticed that maremmas is a breed that likes to bark. This is right and so it should be. We like to bark at Trevor the mail man. In fact, Trevor will not come up the driveway such is the ferocity of our barking when he delivers the mail. We like to bark at Farmer Rae and his tractor. Sometimes Farmer Rae brings his dogs down the driveway next to our property. This really sets me and Nellie off. We rush to the tennis court and bark loudly. My mummy says that Farmer Rae takes no notice of us. We do not understand why. Aren’t we not the fiercest maremmas in the land? Yesterday a neighbour came to deliver some wood. I was so fierce that he retreated to his car because he thought I was going to bite him. As if I would do such a thing! Nellie was a back-up barker and stayed behind in the driveway barking loudly.

However, there are people we do not seem to bark at. Many a time our mummy has heard visitors’ voices in the kitchen and she thinks oh my friends are here but I have not heard the dogs barking. She will find me and Nellie in the middle of the group of visitors demanding attention. We need to be patted and loved and told we are the best maremmas in the land. Sometimes our daddy tells us to get outside as we are in the way and there is not enough the room in the kitchen for us. This is not fair for how can we be given the aroha we deserve if we are not there to receive it? Off we go as I can hear Farmer Rae’s ute going down the driveway and we have to be there to greet him with our barking. Love Jasper and Nellie the best maremmas in the world from Oeta in sunny Mangamahu.

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