Who is going to the vet?

Us at the gate watching Mummy go to work

Dear loyal readers I am concerned. Very concerned. I happened to overhear my mummy telling my daddy that she had made an appointment for me to go to the vet this Saturday morning. Now you can see why I am worried. I remember going to the vet last year and it was traumatic. Firstly, I had to go in a car to the vet and I was violently sick all over the back of the stationwagen when we pulled up at the vets. Needless to say my daddy wasn’t very pleased. Then when I got into the vet it got worse. The vet lady put needles in me and made me get on the scales. I do not want to go there again. I was telling Nellie about it and she hopes that she doesn’t have to go there. (From Jasper’s mummy; I am afraid to say Nellie is going to the vet at the beginning of July to be spayed, but I haven’t told her yet.)

Our mummy yelled at us today. Nellie and I like to frolic through the garden and we may have accidently crushed some of her agapanthus. She said she might not like these plants but she would prefer not to have a row of agapanthus looking like a herd of elephants had been rampaging through them. This morning mummy yelled at Nellie because Nellie managed to get into the chicken run.

Our mummy had to buy another heavy duty dog chain as somehow I managed to break my dog chain, such is my amazing strength.

Off we go, Nellie and I to see what is happening over at the cottage. Love Nellie and Jasper the two best maremmas in all the land.

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