My ordeal at the Vet!!

ME!! Joining in at the WCS rugby

ME!! in the car. See how unhappy I look.







Dear loyal readers and fellow maremmas

As I said in my brief blog yesterday I went to the vet and as you see from the photos, I was not happy. I did not want to get into the car so in the end my daddy had to lift me into the back of the stationwagen and tie me down. I was so stressed that I bit my daddy on the hand. Sorry about that daddy. Once we got to the vet it was no better. The vet stuck a needle in me and then put me on the scales. My family were surprised that I only weigh 42 kgs. My daddy thought I would be a lot heavier than that as he had to lift me into the car. Once that ordeal was over things did improve because I went to watch my human brother play rugby and there were people there to admire me and give me the love and attention I deserve. My daddy was telling my mummy that there were lots of teenage girls there watching the boys play rugby and they stopped and patted me and told me that I was the best behaved dog they had met. Needless to say I was very pleased to get home and back to my friend Nellie. My daddy said he had no trouble getting me back into the car to come home. I told Nellie of my ordeal and she was full of sympathy. Off I go and have a little rest. All this talk of going to the vet is making me very tired. Love Jasper and Nellie the two best maremmas in the land from a very cold and sunny Mangamahu.

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