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Having a snooze after all our nightly barking

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Well, loyal readers and fellow maremmas our blog – Jasper’s doggy world – reached a milestone on Sunday. My mummy was telling me and Nellie that our blog received 44 hits in one day. World domination will happen. It is good and proper that people are reading and learning about how maremmas are such wonderful dogs. Maremmas are not dogs that are suitable for everyone to live with. We need to be with special families that understand our need to do naughty things because we can. My mummy reads the following Trademe community board and they all talk about how their maremma’s behave.


We were very interested in our blog but we got distracted because someone was over at the cottage and Nellie and I had to go over to the fence and indulge in some barking to let the people in the cottage know that we were watching them. My daddy was telling our mummy that we took part in a neighbourhood barking group session this morning at some ungodly hour. Us, the three dogs next door and the four dogs that live across the road all had a lovely barkathon at about 3 am this morning. It is good to do this because it lets everyone in the valley know that we are here keeping an eye on things. Our mummy said she must have been tired because she slept through it all. All this talk of sleep makes me and Nellie want to do some. Off we go and have a little nap. Love Jasper and Nellie the two best maremmas in the land.

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