Being Naughty

Me and Nellie sitting on the deck in the sunshine

My mummy told me off this morning. She said I have to be better behaved towards Nellie who is such a nice dog. She said I have to learn to share my toys and not to rush over and try and eat all of Nellie’s breakfast before I had eaten my own breakfast. I do not understand as I am a good dog. Yesterday morning my mummy tried to get Nellie in the back of the car but it she couldn’t. Nellie was clever and slipped her collar and no amount of bribing with dog biscuits would make her go anywhere near the car again. Nellie and I think that our mummy was trying to take Nellie to the VET! Then, this morning when mummy was going to feed those pesky chickens she noticed Nellie was lying down on the garden. She thought that was odd and then she realised that Nellie had caught her tail on a rose bush and was trapped, so she had to go and find the secateurs and cut a couple of rose branches to free Nellie. Nellie managed to get the rose thorns off her tail. She is such a clever girl and I love having Nellie as my friend. We love to bark at the neighbours and possums. Last night I found a possum up a tree and I barked so much at the possum that my human brother came outside to see what I was barking at. Off we go all this talk of barking makes us want to do some more. Love Jasper and Nellie the best, most famous maremmas in the land.

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