Who are the two muddiest dogs in the land?

ME on guard at the tennis court

Our mummy was telling us off again last night. She said we were disgusting, revolting, wet, muddy, dirty dogs and we were not allowed inside and how did we manage to get mud on the top of our heads. It is not our fault it has been raining and Nellie and I like to frolic in the mud. We like to frolic in the grass tennis court. Our mummy went out to the tennis court to retrieve her blue kneeling mat that she uses when she is weeding the garden. Imagine her surprise when she found all sorts of treasures here. Things like our human brother’s school shoes which she thought were safely in his wardrobe – not getting wet outside. Her lost pink gardening shoe, a green plastic dinosaur, which she had never seen before, the chewed remains of a couple cardboard boxes and half a dozen “lost” dog toys. The grass tennis court is our playground because it is there that we can monitor the activities of Farmer Rae and Farmer Austin. We overheard our daddy telling our mummy that there had been some suspicious horticultural activities in the neighbouring corn field. Something about a hidden stash of ‘grass’ plants. We never heard anything going on over there for we are too busy barking at all the other activities going on in the valley. Off we go and see how muddy we can get. Love Jasper and Nellie the wonder maremma dogs from the sunny Mangamahu valley.

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