A sad and lonely Jasper

Oh loyal readers I am so concerned for today my mummy took Nellie away!!! My daddy carried her to the back of the stationwagen and my mummy drove away with her in the back. I am so worried for I fear that my poor Nellie might be going to the VET. I spent the morning wandering around the section looking for her, just in case she came back to me. What am I going to do? I miss my Nellie and I hope she comes back speedily to me. On a brighter note my mummy was telling my daddy that her friend had just come back from a trip to Italy and while she was there she visited a farm that had 20 maremmas. Imagine that!! 20 of me and Nellie running around. Well, my daddy told my mummy not to get too many ideas. Two of us were bad enough. Off I go and wait patiently for my Nellie to come back to me. Love sad and lonely Jasper.

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