Nellie is home

Nellie and Me keeping warm

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Nellie came home last night. I was so glad to see her. My mummy drove up in the blue stationwagen and there she was sitting in the back looking out the back window. My daddy said I have to be nice to Nellie and try not to leap on her too much. I was very good. On Sunday my mummy was out in the garden pruning the roses and me and Nellie were rampaging through the garden. We had a lovely time chasing each other around a big camellia bush. My mummy was telling daddy that she couldn’t work out who was chasing who. Nellie was telling me how traumatic the visit to the vet was. She said the nurses were very nice but she was scared and lonely and missed home. She said that she made friends with a very nice Beagle called Bella when she was there but Nellie is glad to be home. Now, Nellie has been a naughty dog and I will tell you about it tomorrow. Needless to say she got told off even more severely that I get told off when I do naughty maremma things. Love Jasper and Nellie who are very cold and are glad that the fire is going and we can snooze in front of it.

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