Our weekend

World famous in Palmerston North

Greetings loyal readers. Well, we had a very busy maremma weekend. Nellie and Me indulged in a lovely barkathon. We barked at the neighbours in the cottage. We barked at the cows in the tennis court. We barked at the cars and trucks going past. We barked at the cows in the cattle yard. We barked at the sky and the moon. We barked at the sheep. We barked when our Mummy went over to the wood shed. It was so much fun. Our mummy came out and asked us what did we think we were doing and could be please stop running all over the lawn and woofing at everything, but we ignored her.
You will be glad to know that our brother came home from the hospital on Sunday. He has to take things quietly and is not allowed to go back to school until next week and he is not allowed to play rugby. Our mummy took Nellie to the vet yesterday. Nellie was sad and did not like it one bit. She hid under a table at the vet and refused to come out. She got her revenge and vomited all over the back of the car. Do you like the photo? I am world famous in Palmerston North. Love Nellie and Jasper who are going to visit the chicken house and see if we can find any eggs. Just don’t tell mummy and daddy.

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