View from Nellie’s world

Having a rest after a hard day barking

Greetings World. Jasper is outside barking at the workman at the cottage next door and it looks like he will be there for a while, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say hello and tell you a bit about me. I am a beautiful maremma dog and I am 11 months old. I come from Marton where I lived with my brothers and my daddy. My new family found me on trade-me. I do not know what a trade-me is but it does sound like an interesting place. They came to visit me, one very cold wintery day in May and fell in love with me. They said they wanted a friend for Jasper. Someone he could play with. When I arrived I was very scared and tried to hit behind the barbeque. I had never been away from home before and I did not know where I was. My new family were very kind and patient with me. I love living with Jasper. He is a big dog but he is very kind to me and we love to chase each other all around the grass. My mummy says she knows exactly where we go because of the muddy paths we have created. She says I am a good dog unlike that bad Jasper except when she catches me in the chicken run or when she finds me with a shoe in my mouth. Off I go and join Jasper in barking at the neighbours. It is such fun. XXXXX Nellie.

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