World Famous in Sunny Mangamahu

Me and Nellie looking cute and clean this morning

Our daddy went for a walk yesterday down to the bridge.  While out walking he met someone who works on the farm next door.  He said that often when he goes down the driveway next to our paddocks he sees and hears Me and Nellie and he has often wondered what breed of dog those two large, white scary dogs are. He described us as being light on our feet.  My daddy said he could use many  words to describe us but light on their feet is not one of them. 

Our mummy was driving down the Avenue  in town and on the back of the ute in front on her was a large white dog.  “Hello, hello hello” she thought I know what that dog is.  It is a maremma, so she cheekily got out of the car when stopped at the lights and asked the driver if that dog in the back of the ute was really a maremma and he said yes it was.  His name is Hunter and he protects the farmer’s sheep from predators.  He lives out in the paddocks.  I would not like to live out in a paddock.  Imagine that.  Me and Nellie like our creature comforts too much.  We are too fond of sleeping in front of the fire and patrolling the kitchen for tasty snacks. Off I go and see how muddy we can get.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two cleanest maremmas in the land.

Me in the cold snow

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