Playful Maremmas

Greetings loyal readers. Our mummy was watching Me and Nellie chase each other around the lawn and she thought how happy we looked.    We have so much fun rampaging through the garden and lawns.  Sometimes I chase Nellie and sometimes Nellie chases Me.   We like to follow our mummy around the property supervising what she is doing.  Mummy says we have been such good dogs recently.  I have not chased too many chickens and Nellie hasn’t been caught eating that many eggs.  I still can’t resist trying to put my head in the rabbit cage and mummy did catch me eating one of her rice rolls.  It was very delicious I might add.   We haven’t shed that much white snowy fur all over the carpet and we haven’t done much random moon barking.  All in all she says we are being good dogs, but she does worry that this good behaviour might not continue. Me and Nellie suppose that this is not a good time for her to go looking for her new pair of gardening gloves that I had a lovely chew on this morning.  Off we go before she finds out.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two best maremmas living in the sunny Mangamahu valley.

Nellie looking so cute

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