Games we play

Greeting loyal readers.  Our mummy was telling us that Jaspersdoggyworld blog has had over a thousand hits.   Isn’t that wonderful that there are maremmas out there who want to know what Me and Nellie are up to, so we must thank you all.  Our mummy was watching us play yesterday.  We were playing a complicated game that involved Nellie hiding in the bushes and Me waiting for her to come out and then I would chase her around and then she would go and hide again and I’d sit and wait for her to appear and we would start all over again.

We were demonstrating our wonderful maremma ablity to be cloth eared dogs yesterday.  Mummy was over in the wood shed getting some more fire wood and Me and Nellie were having a lovely time running around sniffing all kinds of interesting smells with our tails in the  air and our noses to the ground.  Well it came time for our mummy to go back to the house and she called us to come with her.  Did we hear her?  Of course not we were too busy.  So, she went and closed the gate and went away.  That seemed to focus our minds on coming back to the house which we dutifully did when she came back and opened the gate.  So, far she has not noticed the disappearance of her new gardening gloves.  Off we go and chase each other around.  Love Neillie and Jasper the two best Maremmas in New Zealand.

Nellie looking alittle grubby after playing with ME

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