Spring Time

Greetings loyal readers.  Well, it must be coming into spring time because our mummy was out in the garden yesterday and this means Me and Nellie must be with her at all times.  We like to supervise what she is doing to see if there could be a tasty morsel or two for Me and Nellie to eat.  But we find it very tiring watching her weed the garden beds and prune the rose bushes so we like to have a little rest.  

Farmer Austin moved about 100 of his young cows into Farmer Rae’s paddock a couple of days ago.  Me and Nellie were most interested in the cows and they were most interest in looking at us.  Our daddy told Me off for barking at the cows, but I had to warn my flock that the cows could be a danger.  And also it is fun to bark at the cows.  I like to bark at things.

Our mummy is finding all our little doggy paths around the section.  There are little pathways to all four corners of the section.  Places that we go to get a better view of the neighbours and indulge in a little barking session.  All this talk of barking makes US want to do some.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

Me asleep on the drivewayNellie asleep on the driveway.Nellie asleep on the driveway

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