Look at the pretty flowers

Greetings Loyal readers. This weekend some friends of mummy and daddy came to visit Me, of course. When they arrived I went woof, woof, woof but when I realised who was visiting my tail started to wag so much my mummy thought I would take off. One of the friends told daddy that we were lucky to have such a good dog. Daddy asked “are you taking the mickey out of me” and he replied no. Just compared to their naughty escape artist Jack Russell Me and Nellie were the picture of perfection. Nellie hadn’t met them before and she was a little shy. Nellie is starting to play with some of my toys which is fun. She picks one up and runs away with it and I chase her. We have such a good time. My mummy has put to two signs at the gate to warn visitors that there are dogs patrolling the property. Off we go. I think someone has come to visit Me. Love Jasper and Nellie.

Me looking at the plantsMe and Nellie at the gate waiting for visitors

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