Another Maremma in the newspaper

Two hungry maremmas wanting their dinner

Greetings loyal readers.  This morning our mummy was reading the local newspaper and there was an article about Hunter the maremma who works protecting a farmer’s sheep from predators. He lives locally and works on a farm out at Kaukatea Valley.  The article tells of a story of a group of 10 maremmas in Italy who saw a pack of wolves a couple of kilometres away.  Five of the dogs went to meet the wolves while the other five instinctively stayed with the flock.  It says that Hunter sleeps in the open and doesn’t get too many treats.  Imagine that no tasty treats and sleeping out in the cold.  Me and Nellie would not like that.  We like to sleep in front of the fire on the nice soft carpet.  I like to sleep on beds but for some reason my family do not like me on their beds.  They say something about get off the bed you great furry lump. I do not understand.  We like our food.  My mummy just has to say the word “dinner” and I get quite excited.  But sometimes she forgets to feed Us.  A few days ago she came home from work and our aunty asked her if she had given us breakfast and my mummy said “oh no I forgot”.  My aunt said “no wonder the dogs were hanging around all day looking very attentive”.  All this talk is making us hungry.  Off we go to do a treat patrol in the kitchen.  Love Jasper and Nellie who are disappointed there are no tasty treats for Us on the kitchen bench. After four pieces of steak disappeared one day my family are very careful not to leave tempting food on the bench.

Here is the link to the article about Hunter.



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