Bad Maremmas

Well it had to happen.  Our reign of good behaviour had to come to an end and it happened this morning.  Our mummy was out feeding those silly rabbits and she realised that we were missing.  Normally I like to put my head into the rabbit cage but this morning Me and Nellie were absent.  My mummy went looking for us but she could not find Me and Nellie.  She looked over at the woolshed.  She went up the driveway and asked the neighbour if he had seen Us and he said no.  She was getting very annoyed because she was going to be late for work.  She asked our sister to come out and look for Us.  Mummy went back to the hen house to see if we were in the back paddock towards Farmer Rae’s orchard and there in the distance she saw a white maremma tail.  Boy did she yell at Me and Nellie.  She said we were bad dogs being out in the neighbour’s paddock.  She called me all sorts of names that I had never heard before.   Some of them didn’t sound very nice.   We came very promptly when called.  We thought it might calm her down somewhat.  Needless to say we were promptly tied up.  But that is OK because as soon as mummy went off to work our sister let us off and we came inside to have a little rest after our adventure.  Off we go.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two baddest maremmas in the Mangamahu valley.

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