Greeting loyal readers.  Me and Nellie went  for a lovely long walk this morning all by ourselves.  Unfortunately our mummy and daddy noticed that we had mysteriously disappeared at about 6:30am.  They searched high and low for us but we were gone.  Mummy went almost to the river looking for Us.  Daddy went out in the car and drove up and down the road, but we were nowhere to be seen.  They started getting worried as it is rather hard to miss Us.  We kind of stand out with our gleaming white fur and wavering tails.  After looking for us for nearly half an hour they rang the neighbours to see if they had seen us.  No-one had seen Us.  Our sister was just about in tears and then we reappeared as mysteriously as we had disappeared.  We were very dirty.   Boy did we get yelled out.  Mummy was livid, furious even.  Daddy was angry, fuming even.   Needless to say we were tied up again.  We’d better go and start looking cute and adorable and see if Daddy will forgive us.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two naughtiest maremmas in the Mangamahu Valley.

Me and Nellie looking cute in the sunshine.

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2 Responses to Walkabout

  1. Poor peeps , we may love a good walk-about but the peeps worry for us. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    I too would be so very worried. My Buddy Boy would sometimes take himself for walks too, I was always so relieved when he came home I’d be giving big hugs instead of scolding….I’m weak for big doggy eyes.

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