Naughty Nellie (again)


Greetings fellow maremmas and loyal readers.  Me and Nellie had such a fun weekend.  We rampaged through mummy’s garden at 100 miles an hour.  We like to follow mummy around the garden.  She keeps on telling us to get out of her way you great furry lumps.  Nellie was naughty.  Mummy was cleaning out the pesky chicken’s water bowls and me and Nellie were there supervising her.  She looked down to clean a bowl and when she looked up and there was Nellie in the far paddock. It took her ages to get Nellie back because Nellie was having too much fun sniffing all those new and interesting smells.  I couldn’t join Nellie because I am too big to get through the fence.  For this reason Mummy said I was a good dog.  She said I was a paragon of virtue.  I do not know what a paragon is but it sounds a lot nicer that some of the other expressions Mummy uses when she is yelling at Me.  Mummy was telling Daddy about how Nellie had got out yet again.  He said that Nellie is a wiggler because she wiggles under the wire fences.  He spent Saturday morning putting electric fence along the orchard fence line in an attempt to stop Nellie wiggling under that part of the fence.  So far it has stopped her.   Mummy and Daddy have been telling Nellie that she really must stop wiggling under the fences but she is being a little maremma pig headed and not taking any notice of them.  Off I go and see where Nellie has got to.  Love Jasper the best maremma in the land (for once)

Mummy found this website.


Me and Nellie waiting for our DINNER!!

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