Rugby and more rugby

Greetings loyal readers.  Well another busy week as gone by.   My family have been very busy watching lots of rugby matches on TV.   I was allowed to stay up on Saturday night and watch the All Blacks play France.  As you can see from the photo I was such a good dog.  My mummy is sick of rugby and she wishes it would all go away.   Me and Nellie have been such good dogs.  We have not been wandering around the neighbour’s paddocks at all.  In fact we have stayed very close to home.  This morning mummy accidently left the hallway door open so Me and Nellie thought it would be a fun` to wander down the hallway. I remembered that nice warm beds were down the hallway so I wandered down to find myself a soft bed to have a snooze.  What I forgot was that daddy is home and he was still in bed.  Oops.  Bad mistake on my part after I leaped on the bed.  He yelled at Me.  Said I was a bad dog and get off the bed.  My mummy was laughing so much that she would barely take a photo.  I totally ignored Daddy and settled down for a little rest.   It is school holidays soon so my siblings will be home and their friends will be staying.  What fun!!. Off we go Me and Nellie to see what is happening at the cottage next door.  We might indulge in a little barking.  Good for ones doggy soul. Love Jasper and Nellie.

Me and my sister watching the All Blacks beat France

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