While Mummy is away

Asleep like good little maremmas that we are.

Greetings loyal readers.  Sometimes our daddy works from home.  Me and Nellie like this because he works away at the kitchen table and stays in one place thus enabling Me and Nellie to have a nice snooze in the kitchen.  Sometimes we even sit on our beds like good dogs.  This is unlike our mummy who is forever out in the garden doing things.  Because she moves around all the time we are unable to settle down in one place for a good long snooze. We have to be with her at all times because after all she is our flock and we have to protect.   Daddy doesn’t yell at us to get off the garden, stop rampaging through the flower beds and to stop digging holes in the lawn. Now that the weather is getting warmer our daddy likes to open the French doors to the deck.  He did that one afternoon and put the stero speakers outside and started playing Swedish death metal music very loudly.  It was so loud that it awoke Me and Nellie from our slumber and we leapt up in surprise at all this noise.  He is not allowed to do this when mummy is home.  She yells at him as well to turn the music down.  She says that the entire Mangamahu valley does not need to be subjected to his weird taste in music.   Sometimes daddy likes to wear only his hat and gumboots.  Mummy tells him off.  Says he will frighten the dogs, chickens and rabbits.   Off we go because I think mummy might be home.  Love Jasper and Nellie the best two maremmas in the land.

Our house

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