Our dinner

Nellie eating her dinner

Greetings loyal readers.  Well, it happened again.  Our mummy went off to work and forgot to give us our morning dinner.  Me and Nellie were sad.  No amount of peering forlornly through the back door at our large bag of Tux dog biscuits prompted our aunty or brother to feed us.  It was not until mummy got home from work and when she asked if anyone had remembered to feed us that they realised that we had not had our morning dinner.   She was most apologetic and gave us some extra biscuits for our evening dinner.  We do not like having no dinner.  We like our food.  Mummy has to tie Me up when she feeds us because I have a tendency to woof down my dinner and then rush over and try and eat Nellie’s dinner.  Nellie likes to take her time when eating her biscuits.  She is not a little pig like Me.  Off we go.  I think I can hear the sky man coming up the driveway and we must go and bark at him.  Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in all of sunny Mangamahu

Me eating my morning dinner


Tulips looking sad after the heavy rain

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One Response to Our dinner

  1. Oh Jasper you iz just like me and Nellie iz like Jelly. She iz dainty eater too, but I iz love my food (and her food too).

    We iz love your blog,
    Satchmo & Jelly

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