Those pesky chickens

Greetings loyal readers. Our mummy came home from work and we overheard our brother telling her that he couldn’t get all the pesky chickens back into their chicken run.  He thought we only had 11 chickens, so he got 11 into the pesky chicken run forgetting that there was another chicken out there.  When he tried to get that one chicken into the chicken run the others all ran out and refused to return.  Mummy said that was OK because the pesky chickens would put themselves to bed at night time.  Well, night time came and mummy went out to check if the pesky chickens had done so they were still out and about in the house garden and tennis court and they still refused to go into the chicken run. A couple had disappeared over to Farmer Rae’s orchard.   So she left them to put themselves to bed, which they duly did.  Naughty pesky chickens.

Do you like the photo?  Mummy was sitting on the couch so I thought I’d join her.  She was very surprised when I leapt onto the couch.  I am not allowed on the furniture because of my muddy paws and my tendency to drop white fur everywhere.  Off I go to join Nellie supervising Daddy who is spraying the orchard.  It is such a sunny day.

Me on the couch!!

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