Our busy weekend

Mummy's yummy raspberry plants

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Well another busy weekend has past.  Our daddy was telling our mummy that he had watched naughty Nellie wiggle her way underneath the fence.  She got on her side and wiggled under the bottom wire.  No wonder she is always rather grubby.   Daddy doesn’t know how he is going to do to stop her.  Did you watch the rugby?  It was so exciting!! I was allowed to stay up and watch the game with my family.    Nellie didn’t join us as she preferred to stay on watch on the deck. When my human siblings had their friends to stay we all played spotlight.  Me and Nellie like to play spotlight but others say we ruin their fun because we always mange to find everyone.  We are very good at finding the children in the dark and we stand out in the torch light with our white gleaming fur.  I had fun chasing the neighbour’s cat, which was a bit naughty of Me.

Mummy has found a new blog about a dog called Jasper.  Such a wonderful name.  Jasper is a great dane and he lives with Lexi in Auckland.  I do not know what a great dane is, but as his name is Jasper he must be a handsome intelligent dog, just like ME.  Off I go to have a rest as I was up so late last night.  Go All Blacks.  Love Jasper and Nellie.



Me in the house garden

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